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New Gearbox!

Version 4 of my 3d printed gearbox.
New features include a shaft at both sides of the gearbox, internal bearings to stabilise and a indirect potentiometer drive.

This is also way stronger!


Shoulder motor mechanism test

a quick video of the printed gearbox testing. This is a mega scale servo driving a wormscrew and cog. The cog is connected to the linear actuator.
actually faster than I thought it would be!

Shoulder assembly time!

Nearly all of the parts for the first shoulder! only a couple of assembly issues, but nothing a file won’t solve. CAD is being updated as I find things wrong

v3 head

I think this is the head I am going to use. The visor portion is large enough to hold a kinect. The mouth hole will have a cool bargraph insert or something

Printed front panel

Front panel now printed.


3d model update

3d render of the progress of the 1:1 human scale humanoid robot.

Robot back plate

Printed the back plate for the robot. For reference this is almost the tallest I can print, 120mm.
I’m super happy with this considering the speed I ran at and 0.3mm layers… 4 hours 18 mins!

Plastic Gearbox test

the 3d printed gearbox for the robot. It works too. no weird tolerance errors and everything moves smoothly in the bearings.


New Design, New ideas

Meet Version 3

My new 3d printed 1:1 human scale robot design. Now adds support for lifting the arms. Uses less plastic, is stronger, way more compact… also it looks nicer.
I am printing these parts as I type. 😀 Full v3 gallery


Overlay view

Gearbox for pulling the shoulder up

New next and head rotation Full v3 gallery