Archives for February 2013

Upper arm and neck

shoulder and upper arm printed. The neck is done too.

Printing the arm and assembling

finished printing the top of the arm mount. on its own and assembled. The arm is oriented straight out for easy mounting. This thing is going to be huge!

Shoulder mechanism and breast plate!

humanoid robot v4 breast plate attached to the arm assembly. ruler is 30cm/12″


looks nice

Printing the new v4 shoulder

humanoid robot v4 shoulder mechanism. This allows for rotation around 2 axis. So far it is pretty  strong and I am unable to break it with my weakling computer programmer arms.

Printing the breast plate

printed this part with a crazy big overhang. I forgot to enable support, so when I saw it half way through I was expecting it to fail. not only is this the largest part I have ever printed, it is also the largest unsupported overhang.


I am redesigning the robot arm mechanism. This pretty much means I am starting again.

Arm and head!

Here is the nearly complete 3d printed humanoid robot. This is designed to be 1:1 scale with me (6’1) but extrapolation shows it may be larger.
Each joint has a plastic gearbox or some kind.
the Inmoov hand is attached from the forearm down, the rest is of my own design