Hector moves!

You moved your head! Does that make you ‘appy?!

Hector’s arm moving!

The arm moves.
It is going slowly as I didn’t put all of the screws in yet!

Uploaded to git

All Solidworks 2008 and STL files are now in a git!



Download print and modify!

Updated Thingiverse

I have spend a considerable amount of time arranging the STL files onto thingiverse.
As Thingiverse has no concept of revisioning or assemblies, these are in several links.

The master link and all of the STL files for every part are now on


Nearly printed upper robot!

So Close! Finally printed the left shoulder and upper arm joints. All of these are calibrated too, so I can move them about. Will post vids at some point.
I am not happy with the neck assembly. The connection to the torso is a little too flimsy for my liking. Also the servo in the neck is almost impossible to mount.



Hector Left arm!

Hector now has a left arm.

Here are the pictures after printing and before assembly.

v4 botharms

left arm bits 1

left arm bits

Hector waist

I have been hard at work designing a waist and waist rotation mechanism. It is starting to come together!


Added to thingiverse. A name!

The STL files are now on thingiverse!


The robot is called Hector After the scary sounding robot in classic sci-fi movie Saturn 3


Full model update

I have been asked for full photos/renders of what I am printing

First Post

Welcome to Openbiped.org

v4 top torso white

This site aims to bring a full open source, open hardware 3d printable humanoid robot.

More to come!